Believe it or not, our beans are better. We treat them right, carefully
package them and keep them fresh. Fire them to perfection. From farmers crop
to coffee pot, our beans live the good life. You can taste it in every
precision roasted cup of Roaster Joe's Coffee.

Call it good business, but it's more likely the fact that we're coffee
lovers that compels us to work into the wee hours of the night creating
special blends. In fact, if it weren't for our own dark, flavorful coffee,
you probably wouldn't even see us before lunch. It's an ambitious cycle, but
it keeps things interesting. ROJO coffees are the result of hard work, long
hours, and some seriously sensitive taste buds.

So how can we prove it to you? It's easy, just try a cup, we bet you won't
go back to your old bland brew. Our coffees are so full-bodied and delicious that once you've had a taste, you won't be happy until you get your ROJO each morning. The proof is in the cup, so try some today.