ROJO's gourmet coffees is proud to present our corporate label program. This is your chance to put YOUR company's name on OUR delicious coffees. You would imagine that, as proud of our coffees as we are, we wouldn't dare let anyone else sign their name to it. Well, it took some effort and a little counseling, but we've somehow managed to put ego aside and let you do just that.
Corporate label coffee is the same Roaster Joe's family of coffees you've come to know and love, but with your logo on the packaging. Now you can tell everyone that you know how to roast coffee beans like a professional, and they'll have to believe you! (After all, your name IS on the package!)

However, if you want to think beyond just impressing your friends, consider these options: Use our coffee as a promotional item, or stock your store's shelves with it. Offer custom packaged coffee as a seasonal gift or supplement existing product lines. We'll even let you sell Roaster Joe's Gourmet Coffees with your own label at whatever price you choose.
There are many unique things about Roaster Joe's Coffees, but there's also
something unique about our corporate label program. We have a unique way of
creating our coffees that lets us handle variation in quantities effortlessly. We can also ship anywhere in the continental US.

So whatever the size or location of your organization, you can take advantage of the
corporate label program. Whether you need ten cases, or ten-thousand, whether you are from Coffeyville, Kansas, Java, Virgina or even Aromas, California.. You can call us today to start taking advantage of this great
offer. Look to the list on the right to discover what makes the Rojo wholesale plan unique.